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Hello, my name is Chuck Schmidt and I am a "born-again-capitalist." I believe in the foundational values of prospering with everyone saying "thank you" at the end of any and every deal, and I truly value building and establishing a relationship with you and anybody that I get to work with. Perfect worlds may not exist to some, but I know those people haven't visited Idaho just yet.

"more than just a realtor"

Intrinsic value

As a son of a very experienced and well known realtor, I have naturally been able to see the tremendous growth of Idaho from an early age. Growing up, I ventured into making my own businesses, tech-startups, cigar companies, freelance work, etc. Although I've had many failures, I was able to build an insight that many do not have, and I get to use my 10+ years of marketing experience to better help you either buy or sell here in the beautiful region Northern Idaho. To me, you will never be "another transaction."

10+ years experience in marketing and digital advertising for multi-million dollar national and international companies in various industries.
data science
Proficient in consumer behavior studies that directly create data reports for various markets to better understand possible outcomes (nerd stuff).
Investor in properties since 2010, with minor investments in stocks, crypto currencies, and direct investment and involvement in tech start-ups.
creative outlook
Strong visual representation skills that have been able to help more than 20+ national and international brands in various markets.

Personal Achievements

As a person who has an "emotional and creative" Italian for a mother, and an "analytical mathematician" German for a father, my qualities lie right down the middle. I enjoy making things look superb, but I thoroughly understand that (in business) you need a return on your investment.
My personal achievements have allowed me to be the Creative Director for the rap artist "Riff Raff", I was the Chief Marketing Officer an eight figure company, and I have been able to create visual content for major brands around the world. Through what I've been able to learn and achieve, I believe that they all have an intrinsic value in what I can offer and provide to those that I humbly get to work with.
Riff Raff

Riff is a great friend of mine. I have created album covers, helped create marketing materials, designed bus wraps and much more. I still work with him and a few others within the music industry.


Continental Tires is a great partner that I get to work with, and I have had the pleasure to create material that the company uses around the world to sell the products they offer.

di oro

I worked with DI ORO as the CMO and I also own a small percentage of it. I was directly involved with the branding, marketing campaigns, and was involved in many strategic business strategies.

what actually matters.
From an early age, I quickly understood the value of character over one's achievements. In a world where everyone is trying to sell you the next best thing, I enjoy walking the alternate route of removing what my intentions are and instead putting your best interests first. I'm here to help, not sell.

My name is Chuck, and I enjoy conversation, helping people problem solve, I am a watch enthusiast, I once owned a cigar company that did not do well at all, I always love a good bourbon or scotch, I love hearing other people's stories, and above all else: I want your trust more than your business.

It would be a pleasure to work along side you in helping you sell or buy your next home right here in Northern Idaho.
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